Sunglasses are Fashionable

bat glassesModern sunglasses were designed by Sam Foster for deflecting the sun while at the beach.  ( Currently, there are several styles, such as aviator, shields and wraps.  The lenses are made in several different shades. The frames also vary in color. Personally, I like tortoiseshell sunglasses.
Sunglasses were made even more popular among the general public by the design of aviator glasses.  Many fashion designers have devoted time to marketing their line of sunglasses. Although, sunglasses may have seemed like a trend in the beginning, they have become a classic item. Since they are a classic non-apparel item, they are on the rise of the fashion cycle. Sunglasses are a simple way to finish the look of the entire outfit. It seems like everyone wears sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are purchased more by wealthy consumers, both men and women.


shield sunglasses

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