fedoracloche-hat-angelina-jolieyankees hat

There are so many different types of hats. Currently, hats, like cowboy hats and baseball caps, are generally worn because they block the sun or rain. Most consumers do not buy hats because they are not in style. The demographics of people who still wear hats is much smaller than in the past. Some women still wear hats to church; however, even the percentage of people who wears hats to events, like weddings or church, is decreasing. Hats are in the decline stage of the fashion cycle, which is a shame because there are beautiful hats. Personally, I like the cloche hats and fedoras.


One thought on “Hats

  1. I also chose to write about hats! I feel like they are a great accessory! I don’t feel like hats are in the decline stage of fashion though. I know some styles may not be considered fashionable anymore, but many peoples closet are still filled with hats. I really like cloche hats and fedoras as well!

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