Trends & Trendsetters


The festival glam style is an example of the upward flow theory. The trend began with young people and has now been made popular by designers like Dsquared. Many people like to spend their leisure time attending music festivals, which is where the style introduced. Festival glam is reminiscent of the hippie look of the late 1960s. However, there are modern features added like boots, jean jackets and rock band t-shirts. Consumers can mix and match different items to express their own style. This style may last because consumers can change the accessories and make it look new.

1920s Flapper

The 1920s Flapper look is a recurring fashion. The line by Gucci features a straight silouette. The style was inspired by the remake of “The Great Gatsby.” Although the 1920s Flapper look is stunning, the consumer should not look like they are going to a Halloween party.
The trick to wearing 1920s inspired clothes will be to keep the look understated and elegant. For example, a fringe dress should be worn with a minimal amount of accessories. The style may not last because it can be difficult to keep the look modern.

Kate Middleton



Kate Middleton is definitely a fashion influential. Once she adopts a style, people all over the world want to follow her example. Her maternity wardrobe is worth copying. She makes the maternity clothes look elegant, which is a difficult feat. Middleton will remain influential because her style appeals to a wide range of consumers.

Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez is a fashion innovator. She seems to stay informed about new trends. Gomez has been spotted in the front row of several fashion shows. She also has millions of fans that watch what she is wearing. Many of her fans are between the ages of 10 and 18, which is the demographic that many designers want to reach. Currently, she has 15, 795,632 followers on Twitter. She will continue to be a fashion innovator due to her sense fashion and her millions of fans.


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