DSW and Sustainability

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DSW has been one of my favorite stores for many years. I really love shoes. So when I walk through their doors, it is like heaven. There are so many shoes, handbags and other accessories. The store is also not disorganized, even though they have a large inventory.
The DSW website includes the policies that they follow for sustainability. DSW have recycling programs set up at their fulfillment and distribution centers and in their stores. They use lighting and appliances that save energy. DSW also has a program, Shoe Lovers Care, which promotes volunteering and assisting non-profit organizations in the community.


DSW also has a “Code of Conduct” policy, which they require vendors and suppliers to sign.
There is also a sustainability committee led by leaders within the business. The website mentioned programs in other countries in relation to the California Transparency in Supply Chain Acts of 2010. The Act requires retailers and manufacturers to state how they will work to prevent slavery and human-trafficking. DSW has a list of policies and procedures that they are following to stop human-trafficking.

DSW stated that they will hire third party companies to do audits of factories that supply merchandise for DSW. The third party company will ensure that the conditions in the factory are safe for employees. The statement says that DSW expects something to be done if an affiliate is not complying. It does not say what the repurcussions are or if their is a time limit on fixing the problem.

However, I think that they have taken many steps to remain eco-friendly and provide good working conditions. It is commendable that they ask vendors and suppliers to follow a code of conduct. I would like to know how they follow through with mending problems, especially in foreign countries.



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