From the Valley: Landscape painting-a-day by Emily Jeffords

From the Valley: Painting-a-day by Emily Jeffords 16x20 $100

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

We have been having a completely amazing time on the lake so far this week.  My dad rented a speed boat so we can do all kinds of water sports (or in my case: scream my lungs out, while trying desperately not to fly off into the water!  shark week paranoia anyone?).  Vacations with my family are always SO refreshing and entertaining – and the food.  My goodness.  The food…  so good.

“From the Valley” feels like a family vacation to me.  It is warm, fresh, colorful, welcoming, summery, and slightly vintage-reminiscent with the green tint and warm tones.  I want to run through those fields and dance with my little girls.  Isn’t is amazing how colors and color combinations invoke emotions in us?  Color theory is so fascinating to me.   Adding the slightest bit of warm or cool, light or dark, tones completely changes the…

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