See My Face Using Benefit’s The Rich is Back (Review)

For Vanity's Sake


Whew. Finally a new post!

I got this awesome Matthew Williamson disco themed makeup kit when Benefit was having a sale. It’s not available on the US Benefit website anymore but the UK Benefit still has it.

Ok. Let’s go.

This is what the packaging looks like.


A closer look on the inside. It includes four eyeshadows, a blush and blush brush, the They’re real mascara, and the Inferno Lip Gloss.


Eyeshadow Swatches. As you can see, they are quite pigmented and I love how all of the colors go so well with each other!lips and mascara(1)

A sample size of mascara and lipgloss. So the mascara is very popular and I’m sure you’ve heard of it before and from the reviews I’ve seen, people seem to love it. I really like the brush and how it didn’t clump up my lashes, but it didn’t really make my eyelashes look fuller. The…

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