Confessions of a unrepentant shopaholic

A Blog of My Very Own!

I am not a shopaholic...

I am a firm believer in the healing powers and therapeutic properties of a good old fashioned retail therapy session.

If I’m in need of some stress relief, for me there’s nothing better than a walk round the high street to forget about my troubles and get rid of some tension (as well as some of my hard earned dosh, but lets gloss over that one).

I’m unashamed to say that spending money on a treat for myself is often how I get my kicks. There’s a great selfish pleasure in buying something thats purely for me, myself and I, just because I want to and because I can. It doesn’t have to be expensive luxury splurge, it can be something cheap and cheerful, just as long as its for me.

This might all sound very materialistic so far but in reality buying bags and bags of “stuff” isn’t what…

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