The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky

Thoughts of a Reader

the time traveling fashonista

*Back Summary*

What if a beautiful dress could take you back in time?

When Louise Lambert receives a mysterious invitation to a vintage fashion sale in the mail, her once painfully average life is magically transformed into a time-travel adventure. Slipping on a gorgeous pink gown, Louise suddenly finds herself on board a luxurious cruise ship a hundred years ago and relishes the glamorous life of this decadent era. That is, until she realizes that she’s on not just any ship – she’s on the Titanic!

First off all, after reading this AMAZING book, my first reaction was “why in the world is this a YA novel?” When you look at the cover, you see a girl drowned in a beautiful gown. To me, I thought this girl was a teenager, like around sixteen maybe even seventeen but I suppose that is stretching it. But turns out, the main character…

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