Weekend Coffee Share: Entertaining Alarm Clocks

If we were having coffee, I would tell you
– that my phone died so I finally upgraded. Now my phone is super awesome. Unfortunately,  my phone looks just like my boyfriend’s phone. One difference: Cheech & Chong sing “Mexican-Americans” to wake him up every morning. My alarm clock is not nearly as entertaining.



– I have been working on the A to Z Challenge whenever I have a free moment. I’ve used up so much data on my phone from searching for female comic book artists that it’s kind of ridiculous. So there has not been much happening on the blog.
– I cleaned my house within an inch of its life because kids and germs and more germs. So I didn’t do any blogging last weekend either.
– My kid almost got expelled. Someone has possible anger management issues. She is 7. So instead of blogging, we’re figuring out what to do to prevent more issues.
– Summer is coming so I need a game plan for keeping the kid occupied while I sleep or go to work. Maybe soccer or dance classes. I just saw a track and field program at the YMCA. She is so fast. She also wants to take karate. Kids = not much blogging.
– Shows that I’ve been watching on DVD: Black Sails, Game of Thrones ( season 5), The Flash. Next week: The Arrow (season 1) again. Manu Bennett + Pirates + Jon Snow = Too distracted for blogging.


P.S. I’ll be back on Chasing Destino by the end of the week.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Entertaining Alarm Clocks

  1. Oooh, fun idea for A to Z! Looking forward to those posts.

    Hope you get some answers and some help for you and the kiddo soon. I know it must be frustrating for all of you to try and sort out what is going on, especially at so young an age. ❤

  2. Good luck with the anger management issues. Naturally, I dont know her story but if there is something upsetting her or someone, then acknowledging the cause is important before she can move on. I took my son to an anger management corse when he was about her age. They focused on slowing down their breathing and doing meditation and mindfulness techniques every day. What I found quite interesting is that half the kids in the group had a sick or disabled parent and that was an eye-opener. That included me. He also did some work with an occupational therapist on the zones of regulation” which really helped. Here’s a link: http://zonesofregulation.com/index.html
    What I think has helped most is him having time to himself after school. His sister now gets home an hour later and I think that space and down time suits him.
    Still room for improvement but these things have helped.
    All the best!
    xx Rowena

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